Street Art

Exhibit Dates: July 22–August 7
Gallery Hours: Thursday–Saturday, 1:00–5:00pm

Art isn’t confined to museums or studios or classrooms, it lives and breathes on the streets around us. Graffiti, murals, chalk art, street performers, sculptures; we might pass by them on our commutes or walking around town.  In this exhibit, we are celebrating the art around us that endures the elements and exists in unexpected places.

Submit your work

Submission Deadline: Wednesday, July 7
Jury Results: Sunday, July 11

Note on graffiti: Original graffiti works are encouraged and welcomed!

  • Pieces cannot measure more than 5ft. x 5ft. and the weight of each piece needs to be less than 50lbs.
  • All pieces (whether on board, canvas, paper, etc.) need to be wired and ready to hang. Please email the galley with any questions about the hanging system.


Note on photography: Photography is undoubtedly a popular medium for capturing many forms of street art. In order to protect Photographers as well as Graffiti Artists and Muralists from copyright infringement, the following rules for photography submissions apply:

  • Photography of graffiti/wall art created by an artist other than the photographer themselves may NOT be listed for sale
  • Photography of graffiti/wall art must be framed with the surrounding environment viewable (no close-ups depicting the completed piece only) and must adhere to a 50/50 ratio (no more than 50% of the photograph being graffiti/wall art)
  • Titles of photographed pieces of graffiti/wall art will have the addition of the graffiti artist’s name (if known) or “Graffiti Artist/s Unknown” (if unknown)

Exhibits at Arts Center East are free and open to the public. We are grateful for the support from our community and visitors.

Thanks to our Jurors

Alex Pock
David Ingraham