Connecticut Women Artists 2020 Open Juried Exhibition

Arts Center East is pleased to virtually host the 2020 Connecticut Women Artists Open Juried Exhibition.

Award Winners

First Place: Il Tavola Blu by Marcy LaBella
Second Place: Covid Garden by Nancy Oates
Third Place: Lollipop Pile by Patti Lizotte
Juror’s Award: Cellular Orangelles by Mary Lachman
Council Award: Wrapped Ponies by Nancy L. Greco
President’s Award: Name Something Yellow by Sarah Schneiderman
Honorable Mention: Dancing with the Stars by Janet Leombruni
Honorable Mention: Winter by Pam Ackley
Honorable Mention: Shadows by Marny Lawton

If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces, please email and specify the artwork title and artist’s name.

*All images are the property of the artists and are not for individual downloads.

Exhibits at Arts Center East are free and open to the public. We are grateful for the support from our community and visitors.

As I juried this exhibition, I searched for work that combines technical and aesthetic development with a memorable image, a specific message, or a particular insight into the historic nature of 2020. I put together an exhibit that highlights the vibrancy of Connecticut Women Artists as a whole, and celebrates the many ways art can transcend genres and help us to see the world anew. This exhibit provides a bright and hopeful note during this difficult time. I salute all the artists who submitted, including but not limited to, the artists whose works are shown here. Thank you all for making your art, and sharing it with the world.

Making art strengthens one’s sense of agency and action. The process slows us down, helps us to see with greater precision, and fortifies our critical thinking — as well as our intuitive senses. This experiential “toolkit” of our art process serves us well in life. Whether you are new to art, or have been honing your vision for decades, I wish you a healthy year of art viewing and art making. I hope you continue to be curious and adventurous as an artist. Perhaps art will help us rebuild our fractured world. As frightening and uncertain as these times can be, I trust artists to continue to nourish humanity by providing spaces for ambiguity, beauty, power, and courage.

Carol Padberg, juror