Always Nina

04/13/2019 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm



Always Nina
A Tennessee Story and Songbook

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Date:  Saturday, April 13, 7:30pm
Sunday, April 14, 2:00pm

Cost: $15 general admission • $12 student/senior/military/ACE member

Stories by Nina Cathey Allbert, Music and Lyrics by Joan Burr
Book by Nina Cathey Allbert and Joan Burr
Tennessee storyteller Nina Cathey Allbert will delight you with stories from her childhood and beyond. Let Nina’s charming singing voice and unique story-telling style lead you on a heartwarming adventure through middle Tennessee. Along the way, you will encounter bikers, beauty queens, teen-age moms, evangelists, country folk, and millionaires, as well as Nina’s own family – Mama, Daddy, Little Grannie, Uncle George, Al, Roxie, Sean, and more. This treasure chest of tales will remind you of the richness of your own life and may inspire you to reveal your own saga in your own way.

“Always Nina: A Tennessee Story and Songbook” is a significant storytelling and musical achievement. It unfolds with astonishing clarity and insight…… It is chock full of marvelously timed jokes, whimsy and remembrances. It is acted and sung with piercing truthfulness by Nina Cathey Allbert. The music by Joan Burr is refreshingly honest and uplifting. And the show, as a result, has a formidable strength and humanity that is ovation-worthy on every level imaginable.”

                                     –Jim Ruocco, Connecticut Critic’s Circle

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