ARTIST MEMBER Wendy Fulginiti

I am extremely passionate about: birds, gardening, art, nature, and wildlife. Some form of art has always been my passion. My younger self realized making a living on my art would be extremely difficult; but I always tried to incorporate it into my life. My college degrees are in criminal justice with a minor in fine arts. I worked for the federal government as a research analyst using my art to help with crime scenes or crime bulletins. As with many people, as I aged, I decided to change fields completely and went back to school to become a medical assistant. After finishing the program and starting my new job, I was diagnosed with MS. It has taken me on a different journey. It has been over 10 years, and even though some days are still a struggle, I love to get outdoors to enjoy everything nature has to offer.

I started taking photographs of my gardens and the birds surrounding them. It was a means of documenting my many flowers and native plants. I realized photography has become my new art form allowing me to express my love for nature in my pictures. I consider myself a nature photographer, capturing the beauty of the moment, whether it is animals, flowers, landscapes, or a particular tree. I belong to the Massachusetts Audubon Society and several botanical gardens and wherever I can I try to capture nature and all its beauty. 

I use a Canon EOS 90D with multiple different lens such as Sigma 600mm for birding and Canon 55mm for macro photography. I am a member of the Massasoit Art Guild, Princeton Arts Society and Blackstone Valley Art Association.