ARTIST MEMBER Mihael de la Montagnes

The artist Mihael de la Montagnes is as versatile an artist as they come. Self-taught and always learning, Mihael explores beauty through patience, knowledge and desire as he works is magic in silk painting and hand embroidery.  His methods are done in traditional applications of the mediums while the work itself leans towards the exotic and surreal.

While he has always been an artist through his early years his love of silk painting really took off in response to the Fukushima nuclear power plant catastrophe of 2011.

His silk paintings have garnished much attention as his technique is unlike the watercolor variety silk artists. Meticulous renderings often using the smallest paintbrushes are done with a steady and controlled method.  At first, he worked with it in fashion creating hand painted wearable art on ties, pocket squares and scarves but soon found he had such an appreciation for silk as a canvas that soon he was painting works to be hung in homes.

In 2020 he started teaching himself the skill of hand embroidery as many people thought the technical achievements of his silk paintings looked like embroideries themselves.  Soon he was off designing works of his own that journeyed beyond the traditional and into the realm of art.

Mihael’s passion and inspiration spring from a variety of sources. Chief among them is a love of ancient cultures which often get woven into the story of his creations. Exotic stories from the One Thousand and One Nights, to histories and motifs of ancient Persia, Greece, India whose lands are full of rich culture and knowledge have worked their way into his heart and soul.

When Mihael is not busy creating works of art, he enjoys playing the violin, gardening and spending time with his partner Kevin.

Mihael hopes that you will find beauty and mindfulness in all that has been created by his hands.