ARTIST MEMBER Michelle Peterson

My artistic journey started long ago. I was influenced by my father who encouraged me to follow a dream he had dreamt before me and never realized. My early experience as an art teacher in Hartford Ct was my start and though I spent many years away from teaching, I returned and finished my career as an art teacher in Bristol CT. Time and materials at the ready, I began to formulate my own artistic agenda. I have been blessed with experiences provided by many fine and exceptional artists. Solving artistic dilemmas with design, composition and color is an exhilarating and challenging process. As an artist I delight in working with abstract ideas and concepts. My strongest relationship is with form and color. Bold bursts of color allow me to create intense and compelling artworks. Juxtaposition of the elements in surprising and unexpected ways never fail to inspire me. I also enjoy the processes involved with printmaking. My ongoing journey is one of experimentation and new direction. Art making is the ultimate journey, the ultimate friend the ultimate experience. It has been one of my many ultimate blessings.