ARTIST MEMBERMichele Reveruzzi White

Discovering art in nature has always been my passion. My ideas are gathered from my love of the New England landscape. I often sketch and paint outside which allows me to be immersed in the “feel” of the place. I try to be mindful of all my senses and incorporate them in my work. Noticing details such as the texture, lines and subtle colors in the environment inspires my creative process. I work with acrylic and watercolor paint and layer pastels to add vibrant color. My favorite medium is watercolor because of the way the paint dances around the wet surface of the paper. The unexpected bursts of color add vibrancy and energy to my art.

Until recently I was an elementary art teacher. I loved encouraging students to reach their full potential and to spark wonder and creativity. This school year I decided to try a new journey, to work professionally as an artist. I have been encouraged to see my work progress and look forward to creating art that immerses the senses through mindful observation.