My collection of art is about how my experiences made me feel in my travels through life, in particular my love affair with Paris.

This attraction started at the age of 10. In my small room I found myself connecting to the French Impressionist movement. Not only with the painters that had created these pieces, but also the cultural & social life at that time in history. It all seemed so familiar & quite comfortable for me to reconnect with. There was a great excitement, joy & recharge of energy to devote my future artistic life’s exploration.

I studied Fashion Design in Switzerland. I spent many years living in Paris, from the Latin Quarter to the Marais. The smells & natural light from Giverney to Paris filled me with artistic expression which had to be expressed on canvas. This was my emotional expression resulting from my experiences in France

I was extremely influenced by the scents & color collections from major French cosmetic lines, where I spent over 35 years as a makeup artist.

My inspiration is taken from Nature, the interplay of light & shadows on objects, & above all how they make me feel. For me, France has been a major contributor of inspiration. From Her I found great literature, poetry, & the rich sensuous esthetics of the Mahgreb.

Paris remains my seductress. She constantly fills me with curiosity, enchantment, & presents new dimensions of color & sense.