For the past 8 years I have been on a journey of self-discovery with glass. Besides being an artist, I am clinical research scientist. That discipline has helped me research and investigate this wonderful medium. I have taken several master classes in NY in glass which has added in my development. Last year through my sister’s (Cheryl Tuttle) urging I started to show my work. I have been in one juried show at WHAL and another coming up. I also have my work in Wesleyan Potter’s Gallery and a few other interior design venues. I work in 3 main methods: fused glass with Enamels and inclusions, glass castings, and ‘Pate de Verre’ (paste of glass). My current focus has been the use of enamels and powdered frit (glass) applied to glass and fused into my finished pieces. I also have been creating Murine and glass inclusions and metals (copper and silver) into vase forms. I love the organic forms that can be created. I have several casting projects I hope to complete this year. Glass is a collaborative partner in the creative process, it cannot be ordered to into a piece, instead one needs to learn it’s language and understand its possibilities. I am happiest creating and sharing my work. The fact that people buy it is a bonus.