ARTISAN MEMBER Marci PrattMarci Gifts

My name is Marci Pratt and I run Marci Gifts, a small Judaica shop in Connecticut. This growing company started many moons ago making bar/bat mitzvah memory glasses. You remember, you took a glass, filled it with random mementos from the event and glitter; then sealed it with wax to keep it shut.

Since then, Marci Gifts has grown into a Judaica shop where you can find budget friendly jewelry and many other Judaica themed items. 

One of the things I am most passionate about is being known for my hand-made earrings for every Jewish holiday from Rosh Chodesh to Rosh Hashanah and everything in between. 

I currently have over 160 diffent earrings for holidays like Lag B’Omer earrings, Tashlich earrings, Sukkot earrings, many Passover designs like Miriam with her Timbral. 

Whether I am making earrings or maztah ball soup my goal is to continue to combine my love for Judaism with my passion for crafting, to help Marci Gifts grow, and to be a pillar in my community.