Colors, shapes, patterns and elements found in nature, are a true inspiration for my work and provide the drive for me to make art. My work is authentic, raw, energetic, and spiritual. I play with images in my head, sometimes for days, then I follow my intuition and the work begins to flow. Leaning toward an abstract interpretation of my subject, I explore colors, shapes, and the relationship of the elements until the piece feels complete, exciting and, even mysterious.

The first layer often begins with papers I have painted with acrylic paints, gels and mediums. Subsequent layers are created by alternating the use of more acrylic products and visual elements such as photo transfers or text. I frequently go back and scrape off paint and then add more, and create textures using a variety of tools, such as palette knives, combs, and even found objects. Because my process takes the art through many layers and levels before I feel it is complete, the result often leaves the viewer curious about How? and What? and Why? This invites the viewer to participate in creating their own personal meaning of the art.

In recent years, I have explored the influences of landscapes using painted papers, mark-making, and at times, photographic images. I tear and piece together scenes from my mind, letting the colors and torn shapes create the landscape on the canvas. The addition of marks, lines, and images brings an organized aspect to a piece that may be considered abstract and impressionistic. My latest body of work explores the use of the monoprint as a beginning layer. As I respond to the print, I add paint and collage with layers of acrylic medium as a finish.

Through the creation of art and through the viewing of art we are able to find an outlet for expression that is healing and energizing on many levels, and I invite the viewer to travel through my work, to question and consider how it might provide a satisfying visual journey.