I work in abstract acrylic painting;  collage and mixed media;  and  sculpture.

I use man made and natural objects in my collages and sculpture.  In my recent abstract acrylic paintings I am experimenting with new forms of thickening pastes and resin-like pouring mediums that add depth, shine, and texture to the canvas.

I am attracted to abstract painting because of the freedom it offers to address so many ideas, from the deepest moral and philosophical concerns to reproducing elements in nature that are universal. I am interested in new definitions of beauty that go beyond the traditional.

Years ago, I said in a poem:  Color is the life of a place; its blood.  I still respect the power of color in art to help the artist convey her message, or create a mood.  The endless variety of uses for color keeps every medium fresh and challenging.

I am also interested in the role of inspiration in the arts; the seemingly inexplicable “help” artists often receive to aid them in the creative process as they are working.  Whether this intuitive help is viewed as spiritual guidance or simply the result of talent unfolding to meet the particular creative challenge, it is a mysterious gift to be cherished and appreciated.