Form and movement coupled with a strong emphasis on tactile surfaces are the heart of my current art works. I have always been lured by the beauty of natural forms, and the textural tapestry that nature creates.

Through weavings, paper and ceramic sculptures, I integrate a wide range of materials that express the textural surfaces found on rock ledges, nesting abodes, and plant life in New England.

In the creative process, I allow the materials to converse with one another. In the tapestry pieces, the roughness of sisal and horsehair gently intertwine with the softness of wool and cotton. A strong three- dimensional effect is derived using various knotting and looping techniques. Layering of paper pulp over horsehair and suede produce a textural identity with the lava fields I experienced in Costa Rica. Castings in paper create hollow plant like forms that beckon the viewer into a quiet world that echoes the preciousness of nature.

In the process of creating the art works, I value the time it takes to work with various materials, such as handmade paper, clay, glass, and woven threads because it gives me the chance to forge an energy, and character from these materials, crafting each work as the material requires. Most of all, there is a peace in working with diverse materials that creates a shelter for the soul.