A natural artistic passion has led me to explore an array of classes and art exhibitions since the late 1990’s.

I enjoyed showing my paintings and photo greeting cards in Essex, South Windsor, Hartford Open Studio, and Tolland.

My works range in various sizes from 9×12 to 30×40.

From taking expressionist workshops with Elisabeth Moss, Mary Gravelle, and Chris Zydel, I grew to appreciate creating abstract art, and learned the value of letting the process evolve as it may.

The very early & middle years, I was occupied navigating life with family obligations and exploring life as an empath.

Navigating life demands as well as enduring a cold climate present significant challenges, and my creativity was stifled for many years.  Eventually, “clouds lifted” and artistic opportunities brought welcomed joy from creating many different art pieces.

Upon retiring from State employment just prior to the Pandemic occurring, I developed an interest in the convenience and flexibility of colored pencils, which has continued to the present.